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3 Oct 2002: Review by Chewproka for InTheMix (Premium 26 Oct 2002 - Final!!)
As Saturday evening arrived we hyped up for the next in the series of Premium parties, this time co-hosted by the lads from Garage Pressure.....more at

17 Sep 2002: Review by Chewproka for InTheMix (Premium 31 Aug 2002)
I have always thought of Premium as the premier night for UK garage in Sydney, always showcasing a wide variety of fresh tunes for an up for it, no-attitude crowd.....more at

1 Sep 2002: Review by Robotek for Resident Advisor (Premium 31 Aug 2002)
Now a bi-monthly event and now residing at Zen night club in Kings Cross, Premium takes breaks and garage to another level and proves that syncopated beats have come quite far since the days when New York block party DJ's would spin the breakbeats from old funk tracks to the realm of dark heavy bass and very syncopated beats.....more at Resident Advisor

6 Aug 2002: Review by Chewproka for InTheMix (Premium 3 Aug 2002)
It seems that the Premium series of parties just keep getting better and better. A year and a half on and I am still glad to have become captivated by these nights of non-stop beats....more at

17 Jul 2002: Review by Angela Gilltrap for 3D World (Premium 6 Jul 2002)
Sneakers were the ultimate accessory on Saturday night at Premium. You know you are amongst hardcore party people when there's not a heel in the house......more at

12 Jul 2002: Review by Chewproka for InTheMix (Premium 6 Jul 2002)
Finally making the time to attend one of the Premium @ Zen winter parties made me much too excited & distracted as Thursday and Friday @ work dragged on. Before we knew it we were standing outside Zen wondering how the venue, known for harder nights like Plastic, would look and sound in showcasing Sydney’s best collection of garage and 2-step....more at

11 Jun 2002: Review by biwlbobberlina for InTheMix (Premium 8 Jun 2002)
As I arrived at Zen (ex Underground Caf, China White) after rubbing shoulders (well nearly) with Mark Waugh at a 21st. This experience left me feeling a little disoriented. A large crowd had arrived early. ....more at

8 May 2002: Review by Chewproka for InTheMix (Premium 4 May 2002)
As Saturday reared its ugly face yet again a whole day of hard manual labour stood between me and my monthly dosage of 2-Step & UK Garage at the Dendy bar. Somehow though, the thought of listening to insanely delicious bass for many an hour deep into the early morn pulled me through the long day. Before I knew it a couple of friends and I were all standing outside the Dendy bar....more at

6 May 2002: Review by DJ Robotek for Resident Advisor (Premium 4 May 2002)
The Martin Place Dendy always seems to provide that underground atmosphere, and it's always helped out by the fact that it is underground, yet not too dark and dingy as can be expected. The monthly event known as Premium made it's return to the Dendy....more at

4 Apr 2002: Review by Barney for InTheMix (Premium 31 Mar 2002)
With my body being overtired from lack of sleep and my head feeling a tad seedy from a heavy night at the local pub the night before, I knew the only cure was a healthy dose of UK Garage and 2-Step. So what better way to get this cure than at Sydney's biggest 2-step night, Premium....more at

4 Dec 2001: Review by Barney for InTheMix (Premium 24 Nov 2001)
As I entered the near-empty Dendy Bar just after 11pm, I soaked in the almost seedy atmosphere that many of us have grown to love along with the underground UK music which Premium provides every month.....more at

8 Nov 2001: Review by Madam X for InTheMix (Premium 27 Sep 2001)
IIíve only been to the Dendy a few times and well what can I say? It has that underground dingy atmosphere to it you gotta love. Upon entry I was greeted by smooth beats played by the lovely Emme....more at

8 Oct 2001: Review by TonyG for New Zealand's Guidance (Premium Sep 2001)
So I find myself in Australia in search of the Sydney Garage / 2-Step I was wading through thousands of flyers for every genre of dance music known to man a night calling me to witness "top shelf 2-Step and UK garage" popped up
...more at (some photos here!)

9 July 2001: Review by Will Styles for InTheMix (Premium Jun 2001)
I was pumped up for a big night of (as a friend says in a sexy UK accent) 'banging 2-step'. What a funny crowd. There were a number of very, should-be-carded-on-entry, young teenagers who were clearly into their nouveau-rave sounds and some people who looked old enough to be their young aunties, whose only UK garage exposure has been a Craig David in-store appearance at HMV. ....more at


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